Oman is a country bordering the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman, and Persian Gulf, and is located between Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The exclave of Northern Oman is called Musandam Peninsula. The Arab country is an absolute Monarchy with an uninterrupted Dynasty of Rulers. The Al Said family is the longest-ruling royal family in entire Arabia.

The Sultan of Oman is both head of state and head of government.
Arabic is Oman’s official language and Islam is the dominant religion. The Omani rial is the national currency and the capital is Muscat being located in the north of mainland Oman at the coast of the Gulf of Oman.
Oman is one of the Middle East’s safest countries having a virtually non-existent crime rate due to the stringent Sharia with rigorous punishment for any crime committed.
Karak tea and locally grown coffee mixed with saffron are the favorite beverages among the Omanis.

The focus areas in Oman´s Industries are oil, natural gas, infrastructure, tourism and fisheries. Besides, the Arab country can be proud of producing 17% of the entire frankincense world production.